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High Preformance Law



The strong brands that our clients have built deserve equally strong protection. We help our clients with global strategy to register and protect their valuable trademarks.  Our services include:


    Trademark Selection: Guidance with respect to selecting a trademark that is protectable and strong
    Clearance: Review and analysis of trademark searches to determine whether your proposed mark is available
    Application: Preparation and filing of an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “PTO”) to register your mark
    Prosecution: Prosecution of trademark applications, including responding to office actions or letters of suspension
    PTO Filings: Maintenance of federal trademark registrations by making proper filings with PTO
    Policing: Protection of trademarks by policing marks and drafting cease and desist letters when appropriate
    Additional Services: Drafting and negotiating agreements involving trademarks, including assignments, licenses and consent agreements

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