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Mergers and Acquisitions

Credo is known for its broad expertise in mergers and acquisitions transactions. We’ve negotiated deals with some of the largest law firms and corporate law departments in the world, domestically and internationally.

We help clients in all phases of the M & A process—from letters of intent, due diligence, and negotiating and drafting transaction documents, to planning and implementing post-closing integration activities.

We’re as comfortable negotiating the sale of a family business as we are closing a liquidity event for a major technology company.  We represent buyers and sellers from many industry segments and in all sizes—from a small private company sale to private equity transactions in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re financially literate, business savvy and are capable of negotiating sophisticated deals that many of our competitors shy away from. Our partner Heather McCormick  was named as a Top 40 Under 40 M&A Advisor nationally.

For those acquirors who use debt financing or other equity sources as part of their capital structure, we’re adept at negotiating these loan and equity arrangements. We also have a strong network to help you source the right financing providers. Likewise, sellers benefit from our relationships with private equity buyers and other investors.

Because many of our attorneys have served as in-house counsel at firms buying and selling companies, we have a pragmatic approach, and an understanding of which deal terms do and don't matter post-acquisition. Our business backgrounds give us a financial understanding rare amongst law firms of any size. So we’re able to negotiate working capital adjustments, tax provisions, earn-outs and other purchase price structures that protect our clients well. And we do this while remaining cost efficient in our staffing and rates.

Whatever the size of the deal, whatever the twists and turns it takes, we remain focused on the same goal you have—driving it to a successful conclusion. We think you'll find our approach refreshing.

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